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Earthquake Repairs

Rising from the ruins

Our city and our communities suffered from the devastating effects of the 2010/2011 Canterbury and Christchurch earthquakes.

We at Robertson Built believe that we have all suffered enough. The repairs to your home should be as simple and straightforward for you as possible, just like any building or renovation project should be. 

We pride ourselves on our ongoing customer relationships, and our ability to provide exceptional repairs to a high standard of quality, at a fair and reasonable price. 


We can also provide quotes for EQC and insurers where required, with a team of experience carpenters who have experience in the delicate art of renovating and repairing earthquake damaged homes.


Don't settle for sub-standard repairs, or repairs that leave you short of what needs to be done.

Choose a company who is local, and one who will be here to stand behind their quality workmanship for years to come.

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