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Selecting a timber that is up to the task

When it comes to your next outdoor project, nothing is quite as important as ensuring the materials you have chosen suit your design and their application.

Decks are a pivotal part of outdoor entertaining and the material you choose to build them with can make or break your project, both from a cost and a longevity point of view.

Generally when you ask people what decking timber to use, they will recommend Kwila for longevity, or treated pine for price. While these are the most common choices, they are certainly not the only ones available.

We have been experimenting with different deck materials for some time, and have found the selection of materials available in Christchurch to build decks and outdoor areas to be far from limited.

The deck in the image above has been built employing a treated pine structure, and has been clad with Balau decking timber. This was also a second storey deck, which as Licensed Building Practitioners, we are qualified to build.

The house we were asked to construct this deck against originally had a pine deck that was far past it's serviceable life, and required partial deconstruction in order to complete the full cladding replacement. As the new plaster would be very close to the deck, and the deck was above a concrete patio area, our client wanted a material which was not going to bleed like Kwila tends to, but was still a hardwood and wouldn't degrade the way the original pine deck had.

Our research into the options led us to the team at Halswell Timber, who supply Balau in a variety of sizes, have a vast knowledge when it come to timber, and the best materials to use in certain situations. You can read more about Balau at the Halswell Timber page below:

Another great option, although not the option used in this situation is the sustainably harvested locally sourced Foreverbeech available from Health Based Building.

More information on this product can be found below:

The options for designing and building an outdoor area that will be resilient, meet your requirements and budget, and be the envy of all your friends is nearly endless. With the right advice, this renovation can be the one of the most beneficial projects you do to your home, and something you will enjoy for many years to come.

Contact us today to discuss your next project, and we will help guide you through the exciting and rewarding process that is creating your next outdoor living space.

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